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King of Swing Charities, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, was formed in Austin and Houston, Texas in 2001 in memory and spirit of Christopher James Newton. It's purpose is to promote and support children with life-threatening illnesses with the goal of enriching the human experiences of the children.
Compilation of some of Chris's "MyFamily.Com" entries
edited by his sister, Jen Newton

Many of you may not have known how much Chris loved to write. In recent months, the Newtons' began interacting on a web site that encourages communication between families called Whenever Chris logged on, he kept the entire family entertained with his views on life; a chronicle of his experiences, and his wonderful gift for telling a tale.  Chris was prolific with his stories. Today we would like to share with you a few of Chris's entries.

April 16, 2000 -My Sunday at the Bun Run
Well, it is a beautiful day in Austin, TX. This morning I participated in the Schlotzkys 5K Bun Run!!! I did pretty good for about 4112 K. It was pretty funny as I was coming down the final stretch my legs were about to turn to jelly. I could see the finish line. Then I look to my left and notice this 13 year old kid right next to me. As I glanced at him, he glanced back, and it was ON!! No way was I going to let this pipsqueak beat me to the line. So I kicked into 5th gear and pulled ahead of the little bugger. I was so proud of myself, I was humming "Chariots of Fire" in my head and envisioning Clark Griswold's sprint to WallyWorld. And then all of the sudden I hear footsteps. Louder, and louder and louder. Panic flashed through me as I was begging my legs to move faster, but to no avail. The little fart blew right past me and beat me by 2 seconds and then proceeded to throw up allover the finish line. Hail, Hail for small victories.

April 18, 2000-Our Night with the BOSS
Well we went to the Springsteen show last night. I will have to say it was quite a show. He played for the better part of three hours and I will tell you one thing. I didn't recognize hardly one song he sang. I was sitting there all night, bursting with patriotism, anticipating the moment I could shout out with 15,000 other countrymen, "BORN IN THE U-S-A, I was BORN IN THE U-S-A!!!" As it turned out, the only thing I was BORN TO do is RUN!! Here I was anticipating to relive some GLORY DAYS and all got was a trip down THUNDER ROAD!! Don't misunderstand me, it was a AWESOME show. How that guy can have that much energy for 3 hours is beyond me. Lee Ann and I get to the arena and find our way to our seats, only to find that they are in the last possible row in the arena. The real Bob Ueker seats! We had expected to meet Pat and Victoria at the seats. We were running a little late, and I was for certain Pat would already be there. Because listen, if you think it is funny when Jen wants to leave for the airport 5 hours before her plane takes off, you should try telling Pat "Don't worry you will see the opening song" to any concert he attends. So you can imagine my surprise when Bruce came on stage and no sign of Pat. That is ok, probably stuck in traffic. Bruce sings the next song. No sign of Pat. OK I thought Victoria probably got held up at work. Bruce sings his third, fourth, fifth songs and still no Pat! Alright, now I am starting to worry. There is no way he would miss this much of the show. After imagining every possible scenario on to why he is not here, I tell myself "Enjoy the show I it is the BOSS for pete's sake." I am sure Pat is fine and has a perfectly logical reason for not being at the show. So I enjoyed the rest of the concert, even sang along to a few songs. Great time. The moment I get back to the car, I am on the cell phone, calling Pat. "Where the hell were you!! You missed a great show!!" Pat, being very cool, replies " oh yea, I bet it was!!" "Did he play, Night of Day?" he asked. "Yeah" I answered. "Did Joe Ely come onstage for the encore?" "Yeah!! How the hell did you know that!!" I exclaimed. Then Pat says," I was second row center for the whole show, you loser!!" Apparently, he and Victoria got selected at random before the show by one of Bruce's "people" to sit in the first few rows. What a lucky guy!! He was like "Did you see me on the JumboTron?" Anyway I was happy for him! What a experience!! So that was our night with the BOSS.

April 24, 2000
...anyone who has ridden in a car for me for any period longer than 1 hr. knows I can get quite stir crazy sitting in a car for that long without driving. And everybody also knows by the 15 minute mark of any trip, my fellow passengers are usually ready for me to shut my big yapper!! Unless you're Pat and just turn the radio up real loud! Which is very effective I might add!! I hate it, when I have to scream over music. So anyway, one of the many wonderful things my Mother can be counted on for, is having all these interesting books laying around. I tell you what, if you ever need to make a teapot out of toilet paper or know which tropical plant leaf extract cures hemorrhoids she probably has a book for it!!

May 3, 2000 Happy Birthday Mother
I would just like to wish my wonderful mother a terrific birthday!!! I am thinking of you all day and wishing I was there to spend it with you. If I were to write down how amazing a person and mother you are, it would make "War and Peace" look like a pamphlet. You are the best!!! Love you Tons, CJ  

June 8, 2000
I am glad to hear Jess is close to getting online. It will be fun to hear some Missouri stories. Another thing I wanted to mention to Julie. I love the way your name sounds. JULIE KENNINGTON!! You sound like royalty. If we ever go to a nice restaurant, we are putting your name down for the reservation. I would much rather hear "Kennington party, your table is ready' than "Newton, we are ready for ya!!!" Not to begrudge the proud Newton name. What is it English or Irish? But phonetically Kennington just sounds more regal.

June 27,2000 My Weekend In Big D
Well I can't say that it was on the same scale as Mary Chapin but I also attended a concert this past weekend. Instead of sipping wine on a blanket with Mt. Rainier in the background, we got the pleasure of sipping punch out of a bowl on metal fold up chairs with a crucifix in the background listing to the magic melodies of aspiring music students. The star attraction being my buddy Robert Hays and Scott's girlfriend Lisa. His music teacher held a recital for all his students in a little church in a strip center. They had about 10 students performing everything from classical bass guitar to piano solos. It was cool for those students to perform in front of a live audience. Rob was going to perform Southern Cross by Crosby, Sills and Nash on his acoustic guitar while Lisa sang the vocals. I am not sure if you are all familiar with the song but it is a beautiful song. As we were driving up Lisa wanted to practice so we played it in the car on the way up to Dallas. Scott and I were commenting on the fact that Crosby, Sills and Nash was a trio and was a little miffed that we were not asked to perform as well. So Scott and I sang along in the car with Lisa while she practiced. Anyway when it was time for them to perform they NAILED it. They both looked and sounded great. Lisa has a beautiful voice and Rob had the song down cold. I was very proud of them. Lisa is the one who serenaded Krissy for her birthday. after the performance I went to congratulate Rob's teacher and said "You have some real talented kids!!" He replied, "Yeah I have some real talented adults too!!" I don't think anyone that performed was under 20.

June 27, 2000
We went bowling one night with some of Pat's work friends Victoria, Christina and Victoria's daughter Heather. A few months back Heather and I got into a heated game of HORSE on the basketball court. Right before the game she looked me square in the eye and said, "You are not going to be mad when I kick your butt are you?" I kind of laughed and said "No, I will just get back up and let you kick it again!!" So we started playing and I was staying around the basket shooting 5-10 footers thinking I would take it easy on her. Next thing I know she is out by the 18-20 foot range hitting everything. I was trying to be cool and play it off, but inside I was saying "Holy crap, she is not kidding. She is an Ace." It wasn't like I was shooting bricks either. I was shooting lights out. I would bust a long jumper and say "No way she makes that." I would devilishly smirk at her and make a wise ass comment like "Can you see the basket from that far?" She would just grab the ball give me a cool stare and SWISH. This went on for 2 1/2 hours. Needless the say the chatter stopped. She beat me 4 out of 5 games. Very humbling!! 

Which leads me to our night out bowling. They all get to the house and we are sitting around and talking. As we were preparing to go Heather looks at me and says, "your not going to be mad if I kick your butt are you?" I was ready this time. I got into my best Clint Eastwood and said "Bring it on baby!!" We got to the alleys and after a tune up game, we laid down the game. It was to be the Newton Boys versus the Girls, Heather and Christina. All will say is after about the 4th frame they were more concerned with how their bowling shoes matched their outfits and where to get that color of capri pants than the game at hand. We crushed them. Score one for the Newton Boys. It was not pretty. So I got to save a little face, but I have been practicing my jumper so I will get her next time on the court.

As you all know Grandmother is in San Antonio on one of her TOPS conventions. Pat and I drove down from Austin to see her. When Grandma came down to the lobby, she looked beautiful as ever. She even brought us a cookie!! We sat and caught up about her trip and she filled us in about all of you. After we left the restaurant, we walked her back to her hotel, visited for another 45 min. or so and said our goodbyes. I don't know what it is about that women but it always sucks saying goodbye to her. I guess I just want to stay around her for as long as I can. She is special like that. Well that about does it. Pat and I LOVED the time we did get to spend with her and are looking forward to the next time we can see her and all of you.

All my love, CJ