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King of Swing Charities, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, was formed in Austin and Houston, Texas in 2001 in memory and spirit of Christopher James Newton. It's purpose is to promote and support children with life-threatening illnesses with the goal of enriching the human experiences of the children.
Who Will Remember by Christopher James Newton
February 7, 1986

Who will remember that fateful day?
We all watched in shock, disbelief and dismay.

Our Challenger Seven, we admired them so,
Like Greek Gods of old, into space they did go.

Who will remember, their courage, their pride,
Their talents, their energies, the way that they died?

Christa and Michael, Ellison and Ron,
Dick, Greg and Judith, Can they really be gone?

Who will remember a country in tear,
United together to handle its fears?

The hurt and the pain that we suffered that day,
Will not be forgotten and won't soon go away.

Who will remember the flame and debris,
That shattered the sky and cluttered the sea?

The "how's" and the "why's", they still plague our mind,
The answers will come but only in time.

Who will remember in one year or two,
Of the ultimate sacrifice, by the Challenger Crew?

When space flight again becomes run-of-the-mill,
Will some remember? Oh, yes..........I will!